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We transform communities through education, information dissemination for Knowledge, skills and sustainability


We transform lives by training small scale farmers for nutrition and sustainability


Out in the Street Kombii Serving Mandazi on Hastings Street "DTES" Vancouver


We advocate Against Female Genital Mutilation Globally


We protect and care for the environment

We transform communities through education, information dissemination for Knowledge, skills and sustainability


We care for Environmental Sustainability


We Advocate for HIV Awareness


Training session at Jubilee Farms Bungoma/USA on Banana New planting techniques


During the two day Soccer tournament at Edmonds Community School. The ESM event



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Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation (AGL) was founded by Ms. Kombii Nanjalah as a Non Profit Organization under the Society act. The story begins back in the 1987 before moving to Canada in 2006 from Kenya, where she organized different community projects for the needy, particularly women and children from both Kibera and Mathare Slums of Nairobi and some refugee camps in Kenya.  She was one of the Founder Members of “Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) in 1987, empowering young people through Sports to fulfill their potential, to improve their lives and the lives of others in their communities.   Her local organization was one of the many local organizations that formed “The Civil Society Coalition” working with UN Habitat in Kenya for Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme (KENSUP), she was a key player in the peace and reconciliation with the affected people from the Africa Great Lakes Region.

KENSUP’s goal is to improve the livelihood of 5.3 million slum dwellers in Kenya by 2020. The programme was initiated in 2001, and by 2003 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Government of Kenya and UN-HABITAT outlining a strategy for project implementation.  Project partners include: Government of Kenya, Ministry of HousingUN-HABITAT and Cities Alliance

The implementation of the KENSUP falls under the Government of Kenya, the Local Authorities and UN-HABITAT.  An Inter-Agency Steering Committee with members from each organization that was set up for approval of policy decisions, giving policy direction and reporting to the Head of State.  KENSUP is financially supported by UN-HABITAT and estimated cost of implementation is 884 billion Kenyan shillings (USD 13 billion).  In Nairobi, KENSUP engages in community mobilization, preparation of town development plans, improvement of physical shelter, provision of infrastructure and amenities, solid waste management, creation of income generating activities, micro finance lending, HIV/AIDS concerns, and conflict prevention.

“She says” She is proud to live in a country where people come together, where our common dreams crowd out the fears that would divide us. Canada is so greatly enriched by its diversity of cultures, languages and religions, and by our shared belief in respect, acceptance, understanding and friendship.”  And  these are things that should not weaken the fabric of who we are and the society we belong. Ms. Nanjalah works with a group of like-minded individuals from different communities who see the need to support the disadvantaged and more impoverished communities.  In April 2015 Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation (AGL) was accredited by the UN-Habitat during the 25th UN-Habitat Governing Council’s conference in Nairobi. This makes AGL one of the Habitat Agenda Partners (HAPs).  HAPs are individual organizations who partner with the UN Habitat to build sustainable human settlements.  Although HAPs is for the Third World, AGL’s accreditation opened doors for “Life skills, life long learning, care, support, Out-Reach community programs, engaging and involving the participation to celebrate cultures, Heritages, history, identity, traditions and customs inclusively in Metro Vancouver and its Downtown East-side neighborhoods, the refugees, persons with mental challenges, the seniors and those with special needs.  We collaborate, share and learn from indigenous people and other grassroots organizations engaged in the UN Habitat’s program designs that promote the SDG’s.   

We promote and participate in different community educational programs within Canada, working with other partners out of Canada on projects such as: Leadership, Capacity Building, Social Justice, community empowerment,  Youth Employability Project (YEP) that empowers the youth to explore their interests and achieve their goals. YEP is an outreach program that helps youth gain access to educational, employment and entrepreneurial resources.  Locally youth life skills programs promote employability for youth at risk to enable them grow into vibrant and productive citizens.   At AGL we believe in the balance of power that is found in the individual’s growth of self-determination and self-awareness.  We build an integrated, socially cohesive society by building bridges to promote intercultural understanding; creating equal opportunities for all, respecting our core democratic values grounded in our history; culture, beliefs and customs.  We are more responsive to diversity by integrating multiculturalism into our programs and service development, we as well seek and actively engage in activities, discussions and experiential learning through interactions on multiculturalism, participation in Cultural Diversity and the Arts at a local and international level that.  While cultural diversity sits in the area of arts participation, we recognize it as a value and an opportunity across all artforms and arts practices.

At community level, we extend beyond the walls of the classroom, working with community leaders on different diverse issue, maximizing opportunities, participation and inclusion.  To us diversity is multidimensional, we pride ourselves on the mixture of People, Beliefs, Values, Customs and Social circles that compose our communities, a diverse community is composed not only of different Ethnicity, Races, and or Religions, but of different social backgrounds, locations, and life experiences as well.   Our Staff and Volunteers are engaged and inspired by the world around them.

Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation’s name was derived from the African Great Lakes Region.  In Swahili the name is Maziwa Makuu.  AGL’s Mandate, Beliefs and Values are respected and protected according to its vision and mission, seeing a Poverty “Free World and War”.  Advocate for community Inclusion and engagement, to collaborate with other organizations in Social Innovation Solutions and Economic Empowerment on social vulnerability, to foster and enhance Sustainable Livelihood, Social Development; increased education and Healthcare; Combat Environmental issues and inequality,  empowering communities and advancement of Human rights and Dignity to all globally.


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A World free of Poverty and War. Create Engagement, Collaborations, Social innovation solutions and Economic Empowerment on social vulnerability to foster sustainable livelihood and social development; improve access to education; healthcare and combat inequality by empowering communities. Advance Human fundamental rights and Dignity globally.


To fight against extreme poverty index level, hunger and food security. To see a World free of War achieved through inspiring sustainable excellence, Engaging communities to learn and share opportunities, innovations and creativity to unlock their Infinite Potential.

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Passionate about excellence: We relentlessly promote excellence and inspire excellence in others, generate trust through our reliable people-centred approach, inclusiveness, openness and transparency. Working in partnership is central to AGL’s approach that develop and generate mutual understanding and benefits to communities. Transparency: Encouraging open communication, both with donors, volunteers and stake holders. Technology: Use of technology that transforms knowledge, strengthens, builds and empowers communities – Learners to use the technology to be creators of ideas and innovations turning their creativity ideas into actions and achievable goals. Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.

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Our Core Values


Passion in Vision and Mission

Passionate in our Vision and Mission ( Inclusion in community integration)

We take a people-centered approach to develop respectful contributions and honor to the diverse partners, volunteers and beneficiaries.


Positive attitudes in providing our programs and activities, actively building friendships and relationships to promote leadership and a sense of ownership among communities we serve.


Being accountable: Responsibility, liability, answerability into all our programs and initiatives undertakings and share transparent reporting.

Why Choose Us

Mobilize, sensitize and engage communities to participate in education pertaining to Environment and Climate change.

We transform communities through education and information dissemination technology,  we teach Knowledge, skills for sustainability, we as well advocate for Human fundamental rights, social, economic justice, peace reconciliation, sports and cross-cultural activities .

Priority on awareness creation and campaigns among young population on major health concerns that include HIV/AIDS, STI, Cancer that can be difficult.  However. Through Sports e.g. Football for both boys and girls and Hip Hop dance this population is taught the dangers of HIV/AIDs spread and preventative methods on those health issues, they acquire skills in Leadership and Capacity building for sustainable development 

We fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) globally, raise awareness and prevention of children’s sexual violence issues, child traffic, child solder and child labour

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During the ESM two days event at the Edmond Community school, in Burnaby, different parents and particularly African and the Afghanistan parents asked AGL for more community activities after their children participated and asked their parents for more more cultural and youth activities.

Khisa wa Mayi

Khisa wa Mayi, It was a nice experience for me to be involved in the two days Dynamics of Multiculturalism event, seeing all these beautiful faces of children from Afghanistan, to Africa to Asia and Canada playing together and also nice experiencing the Caribbean traditional Drums (Music), Bravo AGL for doing this, bring it annual.

Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation

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