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Our Values

Our Values

Passionate in our Vision and Mission Inclusion: We take a people-centred approach to development, respect the contributions and honour from the diverse partners, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Leadership: Positive in our programs, actively promoting leadership and a sense of ownership among participants.

Integrity: Building accountability measures into all of our programs/initiatives and share transparent reporting.

Reciprocity: Providing educational and skill-building opportunities to people we serve and partners who will use their knowledge and skills to support human development in their communities and nations.

Sustainability: Using evidence-based approach to develop programs that produce measurable, sustainable results. We are temporary actors and focus our framework and methods on sustainability. A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way

A commitment to innovation and creativity to strengthen and Empowerment


About us

About us

Who we are

Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation (AGL) Canada – is a leading Canadian Non-profit Organization that provides and supports local and international community development education programs, committed in building a strong, more equitable and sustainable world.  Working with unique and powerful network of Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations, Private-Sector partners, Universities, Municipals and Volunteers providing services and programs in communities, this include:  Capacity, Peace building, Leadership, Sustainable development, Advocacy and Campaign programs, Conflict resolution, Health and Safety, Gender equity, domestic violence, Help for child victims, Internet child exploitation-Counselling program, Environmental sustainability, responsibilities, Economic social and Cultural development, Cultural activities and Community services, Youth Employment opportunities and empowerment,  improving the lives of millions of disadvantaged people in Africa Great Lakes Region countries and Haiti.

We locally support New-comers to smoothly integrate into the Canadian society, enhance support for vulnerable victims, Referral to other Agencies for specialized services and supports such as: Companion for appointment services, Supportive peer counselling, feeding the homeless, community cultural activities etc.

Our mandate is to bring together communities for benefits and rationale for the standard Benefits of Recreation.  Providing accessible recreational, Educational, Social and cultural opportunities that promote, develop and strengthen relationships and community well being.  “Recreation, in its many forms we acknowledge it as one of the central values of human existence. We have a fundamental need to rejuvenate our minds and our bodies, Recreation is more than just fun and games; it has the power to change lives through the individual and societal benefits that it provides such as Health, Social, Economic and environmental benefits, Participating in both structured and unstructured recreational, sport and cultural activities improves physical, psychological, mental and emotional health, Participating in recreational activities in outdoor public spaces further enhances the social and health benefits for participants and communities.  Recreation for AGL is essential to sustaining a high quality of life. Understanding and looking forward on the Sustainable development goals that include the 17 Sustainable development goals proposed by the open working group (UN).

Goal: Development cannot be sustainable if it does not address the challenge of climate change to,

    • End poverty in all its forms everywhere,
  • End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture,
  • Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,
  • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,
  • Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls,
  • Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all,
  • Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,
  • Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all,
  • Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation,
  • Reduce inequality within and among countries etc.

We are all in this together and we are inspired and glad you are visiting our site. This is our on-line meeting place where all learn about our mission and the many programs, projects, services, supports and activities we undertake or the ideas we share.

We are a local Organization founded in British Columbia –Canada in the year 2010, we prove Support, Services, and Referrals locally and internationally in the Africa Great Lakes Region countries and Haiti. Formed by people who believed in the future, ready, willing to dream and build the community together, believing in principles, benevolence and simplicity, humanitarian at heart.   Confidence, Resilience and Passion are the three traits that were essential in achieving their success in forming AGL.

AGL was founded for the world’s undeserved communities on commitment not adventure, we build collaborative partnerships to share common goals with other agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, communities and individuals as “a Team” to foster our cause.  We respect our partners and those whom we serve in building relationships of trust. We reach out and share our vision and best practices globally in a participatory and inclusive process. Our slogan goes – “REACH ONE TEACH ONE-I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”.

AGL networks and supports training programs to the young people to start small business, to build skills and foster entrepreneurship in communities, providing mentor-ship, bridging sectors for better services, supporting ecosystem for change creating meaningful employment opportunities.  Our training programs focus on capacity building and building skills for self-sustainable enterprises developed with the young, by young people, for young people.  We source resources to implement training programs focusing on creating opportunities such as self-employment, merry-go round and social businesses, targeting vulnerable youth particularly the immigrants,  making it possible through collaborations with other local community members/groups.  We create sustainable social enterprises and opportunities through meaningful learning by doing to address the problems faced by young people so they can better help themselves to upgrade the living standards.

Whether you are ready to lend a hand, you can contribute by sharing experiences and ideas to our programs, activities, workshops, forums, and all forms of media including photographs, articles on a variety of issues and events. We collectively engage and focus on many different education programs including Facilitated programs, geared towards groups that have been or will be working together in the future. We Utilize activities that focus on group problem solving, managing conflict, and defining operational norms, involving more people-directed choices in what they do and how many challenges they meet, etc. They choose their own adventure.

The impact we make is the priorities put towards communities. We implement and broaden our programs such as: “Adventure Team Building” Outreach, campaigns, lobbying, research, survey, organizing, mobilizing and facilitating training opportunities. We practice a strategy of inclusiveness where development and stakeholders participation is promoted to share in the vision of change, building Sustainable, Economic and Social development”, Societies, Cultural diversity, Social justice etc.  Our development in a classroom/round table interaction knowledge is constructed and skills are developed for those whose English is their 2nd language.  English Conversation brings inspiration to the participants to fulfill our mission, addressing priorities, needs, skills building, nurturing and supporting Innovations, creativity, cultures and heritages enhancing social fabric.  We value all people equally and treat others as we would like to be treated, as each contribute uniquely in advancing our mission, regardless of disproportionate burden of social vulnerability and or social inequalities.

We increase our focus on holistic development that contributes significantly towards the activities and outputs for immediate, intermediate and long-term outcomes on structural poverty reduction.  AGL follows a participatory, bottom-up approach to our programs and projects planning, implementation and monitoring through the animation and formation of people from the communities we serve, in order to promote the indigenous knowledge and skills using the available resources, strengthening the process of self-development, conservation and protection of natural resources, environment and bio-diversity etc.

At Africa Great Lake Networking Foundation we ask what the ideal community is.  We recognize and practice Person-centred/Person Strengths-based approaches. This is where citizens of communities working together are capable of change by relaying on skills from personal experiences and circumstances that has brought valued insight and social change movements that apply to Strength-Based Approaches focusing on ability and prospect, rather than spotlighting on challenges and problematic obstacles.  We acknowledge that progressive change is undeniable and sustainable when communities are committed to creating ideal transformations based upon the current needs and values of the people. We create attainable enlightened vision and invite other partners for services and resources that believe in accomplishing goals with Person-centred/Strengths-Based Approaches to advance essential social change.

Enlightenment:  AGL we believe in finding the right path for this seemingly unreachable goal to become a reality for every one of us. We are now on our way toward enlightenment: “One clue that, enlightenment is real and accessible staring at us. “Let”s all face the reality, wake up and see the light”.


A World free of War and Poverty.

Create Engagement, Collaborations, Social Innovation Solutions and Economic Empowerment on Social vulnerability to foster Sustainable Livelihood and Social Development

Advance Human rights and Dignity globally.


To fight against extreme poverty index level, hunger and food security.  See a world without war achieved through inspiring sustainable excellence, Engaging communities to learn and share opportunities, innovations and creativity to unlock their Infinite Potential.

Nearly 1.5 billion people still disproportionately live in absolute poverty, at AGL we explore and implement education programs on Economic and Sustainability Development with emphasis on inclusion, people centered and participatory approach.

We advocate and set education goals one step at a time on: Poverty reduction, Environmental sustainability, Public health care, Universal Primary Education, Gender Equity Promotion/Women empowerment and Global partnership for development to increase Livelihood Security, Community sustainability/empowerment to advance social and economic justice globally to achieve UN MDGS goals and beyond.


To Network,

source resources and partnerships to implement developmental programs, deepen inspirations, connections and collaborations. Increase impact on programs and essential service delivery, we mobilize for needed resources, services and ideas from local, international Partners and Stakeholders to implement Educational Development Programs to foster sustainability empowerment for future generations to change the world. We put more emphasis on generating “Big Ideas” turning them ideas into actual breakthrough products, services, and process improvements. We use active learning techniques to engage communities and encourage creativity and innovation. (Innovation drives our science, Humanity drives our purpose)


To Network, Source resources: Network and solicit contributions and implement the needed Educational programs in the communities on sustainable development that include:


Entrepreneurship, Good/Self-Governance, Cultural and Heritage for inter-cultural understanding and connections, HIV/AIDS- We see world where AIDS will stop stealing our loved ones and


harming the newborn babies, AIDS attack us where we work and live. We fight back when we offer education, care, and support, we believe that AIDS is still strong but, we are strong


together, we face other diseases too, we address general healthcare challenges (Maternal Child health/Mental health), Gender equity, Out-reach, Women and Girls Empowerment, Human Rights issues, Youth Sports (Football/Music), Environment sustainability and mitigating climate change, Skills training, working with our Focus/outreach groups, community campaigns, multicultural activities, human


development, Volunteer, Food security, basic agriculture on for small-scale and livestock farming, Humanitarian activities and promotions.


Micro-finance, gender parity, Fund-raising and Crowd-sourcing to obtain needed resources financially and in kind, community Inclusion and participation for way forward for a dynamic


community engagement approach, Refugees/Asylum seekers (Newcomers) while recognizing and respecting their valuable global citizenship. Advocacy on affordable housing, violence


prevention, peace and reconciliation, social justice, immigration issues, homelessness and curry out Research, Survey, Campaigns and activism. We design our programs towards constant


improvement, recognizing success, professional development and team satisfaction, which include engaging and benefiting people across societies and whole communities.


To seek more Partnership and connections: Building resilient societies forging global partnerships. As UN Habitat partners, International Aids Society Geneva, we work hand in hand with other international communities and fight against extreme poverty reduction level and hunger being our primary priority among other priorities. Many humans suffer throughout their lives, we seek to strive and ensure that all voices of the marginalized and vulnerable are heard. We focus on the advocacy and Implementation of poverty reduction programs to upgrade the living standards among the minority groups in the Metro Vancouver of BC”s 22 cities, the countries we work in and global partners.


Face “Growing Gap” on Family Income Inequality.


“BC’s Growing Gap: Family Income Inequality, 1976-2006. This study from March 2009 reveals that BC’s poor and middle class families are in worse financial shape than their parents’ generation. The study finds that fully 60% of families with children are earning less than their counterparts in the late 1970s, while incomes for the wealthiest 10% have increased dramatically. The result is a widening gap between the rich and the rest of the population. (As per BC poverty reduction coalition)”.


In September 2000, World Leaders came together at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty.


Community education:


We believe that valuable community engagement processes and outcomes are ongoing or episodic. Both short-term and long-term community engagement projects have dramatic impacts on communities.


A broad range of people participating, engaged and inclusive Community members trying to solve complex issues affect them. The engagement process creates vision, achieves results, creates movement and/or change


We focus on collaboration and social inclusion. The community determines to learn life skills on local priorities. To Implement Education and Cultural programs: We Encourage and support community participation in Canadian/African (Black people”s) Education programs, cultural events and Holidays yearly. Respecting valuing beliefs, identity, history and Achievements. The key goal is making connections to history and culture to increase understanding of arts in different times, places and cultures.


To Support Refugees/Asylum seekers (New-comers): Every day across the world people make difficult decision to leave their homes, families’, friends and possessions, it can be because of war, natural disasters, environmental crises, persecution, poverty or their governments not protecting them from human rights violations. New-comers know how hard adjusting to anew country is, some families feel some social isolation due to lack of their own community groups and social networks, immediate information through fear because of language, color, cultural shock etc. We offer Support, services and referrals to Refugees, Asylum seekers “New-comers” to strengthen smooth integration into Canadian society.


Our responsibilities:

Designed, implemented and organized educational programs and activities on different workshops, forums, dialogue and symposium. Our focus is on cultural and community service that develops a sense of community among all cultural groups through cultural representations, costume shows, ethnic food, traditional arts and crafts displays, music, drums, performances and other family-friendly events. We take a lead in organizing events that provide opportunities for cultural learning, with a talent to promote cultural diversity and helping new-comers learn about cultural differences, cultural identity, significant cultural aspects, food, traditions and other cultural practices. We learn from their experience, foster their active engagement and their participation s in our programs, recognizing global citizens, as all humanity matter.


To promote Entrepreneurship:

We strive to develop the entrepreneurship and self-governance for sustainability to improve the lives of the urban and rural poor, particularly women, small farmers, oppressed communities, ethnic minorities, and bring about their socio-economic empowerment. Conceptualize, develop, execute and evaluate income generating livelihood activities that promote and benefit them for self-organization, self-governance and self-reliance, through the dissemination of information, tools and services needed to adapt to change and take advantage of unused potential.


To Support during natural calamities: Responding to Natural Disasters, Natural disasters can be especially traumatic for children and youth. Experiencing a dangerous or violent flood, storm, wildfire, or earthquake is frightening even for adults, and the devastation to the familiar environment (i.e., home and community) can be long lasting and distressing. Often an entire community is impacted, further undermining a child’s sense of security and normalcy. These factors present a variety of unique issues and coping challenges, including issues associated with specific types of natural disasters, the need to relocate when home and/or community have been destroyed, the role of the family in lessening or exacerbating the trauma, emotional reactions, and coping techniques.


Children look to the significant adults in their lives for guidance on how to manage their reactions after the immediate threat is over. At AGL our respond efforts emphasize on teaching effective coping strategies, fostering supportive relationships, and helping children understand the disaster event. Collaboration between the school crisis response team and our organization and other agencies have been necessary to respond to the many needs of children, families, and communities.\r\n\r\ng) Youth Football development program: (Football) Music and Creativity to unlock and fulfill youth’s infinite Potential, improving Youth’s lives. Use of Sports/Music change the world, Football and Music brings innovative ideas and development. At AGL we use Football and Music as a tool to connect, inspire, empower and build youth movement, it is one of the most important aspects to Global Citizen. We believe that this makes our organization unique. Our focus is about the growth in adolescent problem behaviors (e.g. delinquency, drug use) that has led to increased interest in positive youth development. We evaluate the potential of youth sport programs to foster positive development, while decreasing the risk of problem behaviors. We create and present literature on the positive outcomes of Youth sports, encouraging sport programs that actively work to assure positive outcomes through developmental appropriate designs and supportive child–adult (parent/coach) relationships


Gender equality and women”s empowerment: The third Millennium Development Goal (MDG), on gender equality and women”s empowerment– Education, employment, and political participation. These two goals are distinguished as gender parity goals (achieving equal participation of girls and boys in all forms of education based on their proportion in the relevant age-groups in the population is a priority). At AGL we advocate Gender equity, organize dialogue on different on different challenge.


HIV/AIDS and other diseases: Implementing prevention programs, Awareness creation, advocating for affordable health care for all and Source for Mosquito Nets and distribute same to the affected communities in Africa (For Malaria prevention). HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Malaria and Mental health/Mother and child health – It encompasses the health care dimensions of family planning, preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care in order to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. HIV as with Ebola, is a virus that has raised a lot of fear but behind the scary headlines, there are people, families, loved ones and friends who need support, resources, services, love and care.


Our advocacy, activism, research, survey and campaigns:


Our Growing Understanding of Community Engagement based on research, understanding that community engagement is “people working collaboratively, through inspired action and learning, to create and realize bold visions for their common future.” We focus on process (es) that bring people together; the broad engagement of organizations and people. We believe these processes can enable collective change (changing attitudes, building social capital to address local issues, etc.) We do this through advocacy and activism events, we do carry out Research, Survey and campaigns. We emphasis on action on behalf of others and a focus on individual and collective efforts to shape public policy in ways that ensure that individuals are treated equitably and have access to needed resources including a range of social services and Educational opportunities.


Creativity and Innovation: Inspiring Creativity and Innovation- At AGL we use: Competitions


In many cases we get your students to memorize a particular boring set of facts, a portion of the periodic table for example, the easiest way to get them to do it is to stage a competition:


Who can name the most in a minute? Who can name all of them in order? Most students love a good old-fashioned competition and they rise to the occasion beyond expectations.


A competition may have the same effect when attempting to foster creativity: If you want students to produce some of their most inspired work, the prospect of being recognized for excellent results can spur even the most reluctant student to go above and beyond his everyday performance.


There are likely several factors involved in the motivating effects of competition. For one, some students are simply motivated by the prospect of a reward, whether it’s prize money, a scholarship, or something more intangible like public recognition. Even students who are not inclined to show off their academic prowess are inspired by a competition. Competitions represent a significant change from the academic norm, particularly in the realm of assessment.


Partnered with Kibabii University in Western Kenya:


To train communities on small scale farming in partnership with the Agricultural officers, support them on based social and Agro-forestry, livestock production, to introduce renewable energy, irrigation, environment sustainability development, Food security, rural infrastructures, income generation, small scale/livestock farming, Safe drinking water train the communities on boiling drinking water, HAND Washing and sanitation. Sanitation – Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of disease world-wide and improving sanitation is known to have a significant beneficial impact on health both in households and across communities.


Other objectives/goals:


Acquire “Youth One Stop Learning, Resource and Life skill Centre, Thrift Store both in Metro Vancouver”, Women/Girls Shelter/Resource and life skill Centre, in Africa countries, Journalism, photography, Youth theatre, Arts and Youth Talent search.


Aims: AGL aims to implement sustainable educational programs, to relieve poverty and improve education for all, empower the people so that they can attain self-reliance and confidence for long-term sustainable development. We strives to release the people’s boundless infinite potentials to enhance their productive, knowledge mobilization, skills development and organizing abilities for their own development. To initiate programs to empower communities, that are integrated and community based.


Creation of an African Youth Council:


African Youth Council, AGL created African Youth Council for the youth and young adults to experience a world where all young people can grow up in safe, secure and in a supportive environments, where they can learn, work and play a vital role in their country’s development. AGL works – with partners – to strengthen education systems, expand employment opportunities, and improve lives. Advocate and create awareness to, community services, planting trees, cleaning and clearing, (Environment care) Eat and prepare health food, participate in Arts, dance, sing, paint, dress making, hair dressing, Internet Safety, stop bullying. Bullying can lead to greater consequences than just hurt feelings. A child who is bullied could become severely depressed, turn to drugs, or even commit suicide. Publish the people-oriented Information, Education and Communication (IEC)-materials) and periodic bulletins for mass education. After school program on African Storytelling, fashion shows African/Indigenous drums and its history


Organize a movement for young volunteers for disaster issues such as Disaster preparedness, volunteer, local and abroad programs. The youth organize and run the programs by themselves, sharing ideas, stories, dissemination of information and inspiration, Youth Cultural exchange programs – Mission Challenges without borders. (MCWB), advocacy on Peace building, Social justice to foster cooperation in addressing activities such as: Environment, culture, sports and other concerns.


Adopt the use of Music and Sports (Football”. Music is a universal language that we all understand, by appealing to our emotions, it has the ability to break down complex issues into things we can all relate to like love, friendship, fear, or loss. In this way music expands their horizons and opens their minds to new ideas. Football and beyond Football impacts the world and the lives of even casual young players, it has social effects as well. For much of the world soccer has long served as a form of ritual combat onto which neighborhoods, tribes and even nations could project their most passionate enmities. Culture of soccer crash waves of globalization on the traditional tribal barriers. They also focus and organize Youth conferences, workshops and even dialogue on: Poor graduation rates, early school dropout among black youth, Drug abuse, HIV among the youth, they help children/youth tutoring and introduction to African drum cycle.


AGL supports young Inventors” from African Countries, Caribbean.


We believe in the infinite potential of all the people, trusting that with the right knowledge, skills and experience, people will find ways to provide for their families, upgrade their living standards, build strong communities, and effect positive social change for future generations. AGL provides sustainable education and training to improve livelihoods, balance inequities, integrate vulnerable communities, promote health and foster social and economic development.’



To fight against extreme poverty index level and hunger. See a world without war achieved, inspire sustainable excellence, Engage communities to learn, share opportunities, innovations and creativity to unlock their Infinite Potential.

Nearly 1.5 billion people still disproportionately live in absolute poverty, to explore and implement education programs on economic development, with emphasis on inclusion, sustainability, people centered and participatory approach.

Goal: On poverty reduction, respect on dignity of differences and declare war as a crime against humanity, promote Environmental sustainability, advocate for the increased security of livelihoods for the poor and increase community empowerment.

Advocate for human rights issues and dignity, engage in practices that advance social and economic justice to all globally




Passionate about excellence

We relentlessly promote excellence and everything we do inspire excellence in others, generating trust through our reliable people-centred approach, inclusiveness, openness and transparency Working in partnership

Working in partnership is central to AGL’s approach. We develop partnerships that generate mutual benefits the community

Engaging people

We embrace diversity, encourage and respect people”s beliefs, opinions, Innovation, Creativity to strengthen and empower


We provide educational and skill-building opportunities to the people we serve, who in turn use their knowledge and skills to support human development in their communities and nations.


Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We encourage open communication, both with donors, volunteers and community members we serve.


Conduct to reflect the highest ethical standards and subscribe to the AGL’s Code of Ethical Conduct.


To treat members of the communities, partners, fellow workers and others fairly and with respect.


Evidence-based approach to develop programs that produce measurable, sustainable results, valuing the interconnectedness of a strong democracy and a stable environment:  as both strengthen one another and so in pursuing a deeper democracy, we strive to limit our impact on the environment.


Those in power have a special responsibility to bring in voices from the margins whose contributions are often overlooked.  It’s crucial to address power imbalances so that people are not just able to participate, but be comfortable in doing so.