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Programs,  Activities and Services

  • Pan-African Friendship Action Project
  • Education and English Conversation through interaction, story-Telling and Craft.  Belonging and engaging each other to build stronger sense of community
  • Training and Awards programs
  • Youth Intern ships
  • Job Placement/Employment
  • Community Connection and Engagement for social inclusion to strengthen communities
  • Global call to action against Poverty
  • Fund raising
  • Health Care – HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Issues
  • Cultural Heritage – Cultural diversity and Sports
  • Humanitarian and Volunteer
  • African National Youth Council
  • Children & Women Programs
  • International, National and Community Celebrations
  • International mother language day- mother Tongue
  • Outreach/Liaison for Children and Seniors
  • Orphanages
  • Hunger and Food security and Food Justice (Basic Agriculture training)
  • International and National Summits, Workshops, Forums and Dialogue
  • Research, Survey, advocacy and Activism
  • African Watoto Fusion Dancers
  • After School program- African storytelling and Drums
  • Feeding program and Homeless
  • Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Human Rights – Racism/Xenophobia
  • Environment Protection, Care and Sustainability
  • Conflicts/Emergency, Health and Safety
  • Remembering Rwanda and other Countries
  • Aids and exploitation in Africa (Mineral, Animals, and Food) 


Newcomer/Refugee/Asylum seeker Integration Services

Referral services

Youth counselling services

Family conflict services

Accompanying Services

Interpretation and Translation services

Volunteer Services

Entertainment services

Consulting services

Child care services

Cleaning services