Nearly 1.5 billion people still disproportionately live in absolute poverty. At AGL we explore and implement education programs that reinforce Economic and Sustainable Development. Our primary focus is applying Community-based and driven development projects that are an important form of development assistance. Community based and driven development projects, different cultural contexts that are best undertaken in a context-specific manner, with a long time horizon and with careful and well-designed monitoring and evaluation systems.

Designed for Inclusiveness, Holistic, People centered and Participatory approach, helps to engage communities to learn and share opportunities, through innovations, creativity and cultural activities to unlock the Infinite Potential for empowerment and sustainability.  We fight against extreme poverty index level, hunger and food security to see a world without war achieved through inspiring sustainable excellence, as well as advocating and setting goals for education one step at a time on: Poverty reduction, Environmental sustainability, Public health care, Universal Primary Education to all, Gender Equity Promotion, Women empowerment and Global partnership for development to increase Livelihood Security, Sustainability, Climate Change, Migration and Conflict to advance social and economic justice globally to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S).