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While partnerships between AGL and other non-governmental actors on programs and activities has become more and more important for the achievement of sustainable development at all levels, the need for such partnerships is particularly important at levels from local to global, its challenging as eye opener, fun and motivating.

We foster partnerships at all levels, involving governments, international institutions and other stakeholders aimed at finding practical solutions and approaches to specific sustainable development issues.  Analysing and exchanging of experiences with respect to tools that assist in sustainable development planning, decision making, implementation etc. such as sustainable development strategies, sustainable development impact analysis and use of indicators.  In this regard, we give more consideration to more effective use of national reports, regional reviews and data collection.

We provide at the international level a primary meeting point of stakeholder interests relevant to sustainable development.  Our meetings focus on share practical experiences of implementation where we encourage our partners and stakeholders be included.  Giving greater consideration in networking and involvement of scientific and other experts’ contributions to sustainable development

In cooperation and collaboration with other partners to forums and dialogue for exchange of experience, good practice, case studies and partnership experience related to sustainable development implementation.   Seeking to encourage other Countries to continue promoting coherent and coordinated approaches to sustainable development governance at the national level as this, in part, provides an important element for achieving coherence and consistency at regional and international levels.

We created Country Directors to provide a high level national focus on implementing education and sustainable development programs.  Such officers are composed of relevant government and Community Leaders, retired and those in offices, youth, women, self-help and grass-root groups’ representatives and other stakeholders that are chaired by a senior Country Directors.

We are commit to developing national sustainable development strategies (using the relevant guidelines for such strategies) involving all relevant government departments, universities and stakeholders as much as possible.  Partners to ensure that there is policy coherence between us and their national development frameworks, consistent with sustainable development, including Poverty Reduction Strategies.