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We at Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation to work with international community to recognize and celebrate the Rwanda genocide and offer education programs to the people of Rwanda  and any other individual who would like to volunteer in Rwanda and any other part of Africa.

1994 was the year that the world witnessed one of the gravest acts of violence in recent history. In over just 100 days, more than 15 percent of Rwanda’s population was killed. The sheer scale, speed, calculation, and precision of the genocide of 800,000 of the minority Tutsi and moderate Hutu brought immeasurable devastation to the people of Rwanda. The country was brought to its knees, ravaged by war and mass killing. In all, 70 percent of Rwanda’s Tutsi citizens were wiped out, leaving whole communities ripped apart and the country’s social foundation destroyed.

Strengthening Governance, Civil Service Reforms, Accountability and Capacity Building Projects we shall also Commemoration is Kwibuka, Makumbusho or “remembrance,” our goal is build national identity based on the pillars of history, testimonies, forgiveness, and healing.  In order to meet the challenges of sustainable development, and taking into account developments, current systems of sustainable development governance need to be strengthened at the international, regional and national levels.  The overriding objective of strengthening sustainable development governance is to strengthen the governing structures and institutions in the economic, social and environmental fields as well as their respective links, so as to ensure coherence, integrate policies, limit overlap, and strengthen implementation and accountability.  Success to achieve these objectives require to strengthen various aspects of good governance at all levels including: institutions, education, science and technology, access to information, major community inclusion and participation.

Strengthening governance institutions accelerates progress towards achieving development goals.  The projects to strengthen governance institutions at all levels to design, formulate and implement evidence based responsive policies, legislation, programs and projects to accelerate progress towards Vision 2016 Goals.  This will be achieved through: Development and Leadership programs; Development of quality assurance framework; Capacity development such as training, coaching and mentor-ship to support development  and implementation.  To support the review of Corruption and Economic Crime Act; Capacity development for key community structures, at AGL we recognized and believe that violent conflicts impede developmental progress and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

How we see our vision of unity with the diverse succeeding ignitional values through Capacity building, strengthening governance and peace building, Women and Youth economic empowerment initiatives through agriculture, entrepreneurship, business education on community based groups, building the Micro-sustainability and Micro-Finance one-at-a-time.