President and CEO of AGL Canada – Kombii Nanjalah

Management, International Operations – to oversee Humanitarian programming, including Disaster management/risk reduction, Poverty/Food security/Drought relief, Immigration/Refugees, Post-conflict peace building, Health & nutrition, Gender equality, Network to support Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

Web Designer

Zack Orengo Education and Experience

Sall Alhousseynou - Vice President

He is a HEART DOCTOR at Ottawa Hospital, having presented lots of dialogues globally on his exprience as a Doctor. He is in charge of Networking, Quality Assurance services, Logistics, Health Care, HIV/AIDS other diseases

Joshua Khamala -Secretary General

Education, Training and Awards Nominations, Organizational Effectiveness, Governance Out-reach, Women/children, sports. Marketing, Media, International/National and Community Celebrations, African/Black People, Diaspora Initiative, Family and Child/Youth Counselling, Cultural Heritage and Cultural diversity and African Council of Elders Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Kenyatta University-Kenya, North Shore Culinary School. Vancouver Canada and Diploma in Marketing from BCIT Canada

Joshua Malingoto - Assistant Secretary

Joshua has extensive experiences with Social worker degree having worked in different Agencies/Organiztion, in refugee settlement programs, he is in charge of fundamental Human rights, conflict resolution issues, Environmental sustainability, Housing, water and Sanitation and settelement program

Samuel Wetaya - Treasurer - (Financial Services cordinator)

Treasurer, Risk Management, Communications and Fundraising.

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